Victim in Brooklyn McDonald’s shooting is brain dead

The family of a Brooklyn McDonald’s worker shot point-blank in a flap over cold French fries now has to make an awful choice: When to take their brain dead loved one off life support.

Matthew Webb isn’t expected to survive his violent encounter with accused killer Michael Morgan, 20, who prosecutors say shot the fast food in the face Monday because he was mad about how the restaurant handled his mother’s fry order.

“The people are anticipating homicide charges in this case, given the victim is currently on life support. The victim was transported to Brookdale Hospital and has been declared brain dead,” Assistant District Attorney Luis Paternina said at Morgan’s arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday. “So, essentially, the victim’s family is waiting to make a difficult decision about taking the victim off life support.”

Morgan faces attempted murder in Webb’s shooting, and murder in an unrelated 2020 killing that he confessed to after his arrest, authorities said.

Morgan tried to cover up his most recent crime, disposing of evidence that included the clothes he wore when pulling the trigger, Paternina charged.

Morgan confessed to the earlier killing after his arrest for the cold-blooded shooting of Webb, 23. He was held without bail pending another Brooklyn Criminal appearance next week.

Morgan appeared in the same black hooded sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers that he wore a day earlier when led by detectives from the 79th Precinct stationhouse. Sources told the Daily News that he had a rap sheet with 13 prior arrests

Morgan showed up at the Bedford-Stuyvesant fast-food outlet after hearing his mother’s complaints about cold fries during a FaceTime chat between the two, according to authorities.

Video surveillance showed Morgan punching Webb in the face, knocking the worker to the ground before pulling the weapon and pumping a bullet into the victim’s neck on the sidewalk outside the McDonald’s, authorities said.

Morgan admitted to get the gun from a friend in his apartment building, Paternina said.

Parternina said Morgan’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Camellia Dunlap, admitted handing him the weapon in a videotaped interview after she was taken into custody. Dunlap was arrested alongside Morgan inside the accused shooter’s home.

“She was holding the gun for him,” said Paternina.

Dunlap, who was charged with felony weapon possession, was ordered held on $50,000 cash bail.

Her lawyer, Beth Calcaterra of the Legal Aid Society, said she lives with her grandmother — who was present at the arraignment — and her 2-year-old child. Calcaterra asked for her release without bail, saying that Dunlap was worried about the tot’s well being, and that the child wouldn’t understand her absence.

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The Oct. 21, 2020 slaying occurred just six blocks from the McDonald’s. Victim Kevin Holloman, 28, was not Morgan’s intended target, the prosecutor said.

Holloman had the misfortune of hanging out with his cousin — who had a beef with Morgan — and others around 9:30 pm outside an apartment building on Herkimer St. near Rochester Ave., authorities said..

The cousin and Morgan had clashed two days prior. When the cousin took out a knife to prepare to roll a blunt, a man in the group asked if he was going to “start something,” Paternina said.

Morgan then ran out of the apartment building and opened fire, the prosecutor said.

The cousin escaped injury, but Hollomon was fatally struck by three bullets.

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