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Vampire Survivors’ Secrets menu provides a list of secrets to uncover, as well as the ability to enter cheat codes that unlock secret characters, stages, relics, and much more. Here’s a list of all Vampire Survivors Cheats added to the game as part of the Patch 0.10.0 update released on August 4, 2022.

How to Unlock Cheats


Cheats in Vampire Survivors have to manually be unlocked. In order to access the “Secrets” menu on the title screen, you first need to unlock the “The Bone Zone” Challenge map. To do so, you must unlock Hyper Mode for 3 of the initial maps: Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, and Gallo Tower.

To unlock Hyper Mode in these maps, simply beat the boss in that stage that spawns in at the 25-minute mark. You’ll obviously need to grind and level up to be able to last that long, but shouldn’t be too much of a demanding process.

Once done, enter the “The Bone Zone” map on the Stage Selection screen, and upon entering the stage open your map and find the question mark. Head towards it, and you’ll need to Defeat a boss: a giant rolling ball of bones. The boss is passive, so just whittle down its health as it moves around, and upon killing it, it will drop the “Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane”. This item unlocks the “Secrets” menu, where you can manually input the codes listed below!

All Vampire Survivors Cheat Codes (Spells)

Looking for a particular type of cheat code? Click the links below to scroll to that section of our guide automatically:

Main Menu Cheats

These cheats can be input on the main menu without acquiring the Forbidden Scroll of Morbane from the Bone Zone.


  • Unlocks Exdash – x-x1viiq
  • 2800 Gold and Mortaccio Character – (input these directions) up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, ESC, Enter
  • Unlocks Il Molise stage – relaxenjoylife
  • Randomazzo + Arcana VI – randommax

Joke Cheats

  • Spins the UI for a bit – spinnn

Stage Cheats

  • Unlocks Moongolow stage – honesty
  • Unlocks Green Acres stage – dotgogreenacres
  • Unlocks The Bone Zone stage – rotten pizza
  • Unlocks Boss Rash stage – peakgamedesign

Ghost Cheats

  • Unlocks Toastie (only works if Exdash is unlocked) – tramezzini

Main Character Cheats


  • Arca Ladonna – noladonna
  • Porta Ladonna – vivaladonna
  • Lama Ladonna – superladonna
  • Poe Ratcho – strongestcharacter
  • Dommario – bioparco
  • Suor Clerici – fascia
  • Krochi Freetto – accidenti
  • Christine Davain – crystalmakeup
  • Cavallo on the yacht – yachttapanda
  • Bianca Ramba – carramba
  • O’Sole Meeo – reset
  • Sir Ambrojoe – languorino

Relic Cheats

  • Grim Grimoire – thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
  • Ars Gouda – thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault
  • Milky Way Map – leadmetothecheese
  • Glass Wizard – eggseggseggs
  • mindbender – teleportustomars
  • Great Gospel – icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet
  • Magic Banger – thankelrond
  • Sorceress Tears – timecompression
  • Yellow Sign – ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit

Secret Character Cheats

  • Gyorunton – secondevolution
  • Big Trouser – earrivatolarrotino
  • Cosmo Pavone – lhovistoio
  • Boon Marrabbio – fettinepanate
  • leda – iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme
  • Peppino – pinociampino
  • Gains Boros – highfive
  • Mask of the Red Death – ablasphemousmockery

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