Lil Nas X Pees on BET Award in Cover Art for Diss Track ‘Late to Da Party’ With Youngboy Never Broke Again

Rolling up fashionably “Late to Da Party,” Lil Nas X said on Thursday afternoon that his highly anticipated new single would be dropping sometime that night, rather than Friday as previously announced. The release comes on the eve of this year’s BET Awards, and for good reason—the 23-year-old rapper has made it clear that he considers his shutout at this year’s awards show, for which he received “an outstanding zero nominations,” as he put it in a now-deleted tweet, the result of industry homophobia. In previous teases for “Late to Da Party,” which will feature a guest verse by Youngboy Never Broke Again, Lil Nas has bopped along to its lyrics (“fuck BET”) and called Black Entertainment Television “the Brutal Empire of Terror,” accusing the media giant of “turning their back on him after using him for clout.” On Thursday afternoon, Lil Nas revealed the single’s cover art: a photo of someone, presumably the rapper himself, urinating into a toilet that contains a BET statuette. The image is a clear homage to Kanye West, who in September 2020 posted a video to Twitter in which he peed on a Grammy under similar circumstances. The BET Awards are set to be held this Sunday.


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