‘Ferris Bueller’ actor Edie McClurg and caregiver abused by a ‘friend,’ cousin says

Actor Edie McClurg, who lives with dementia, was allegedly abused by a “longtime friend,” her conservator cousin says. (Paul A. Hebert / Invision)

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” actor Edie McClurg and her caretaker were allegedly abused by a man who alleged to be the former’s “longtime friend,” according to legal documents obtained by The Times.

In July, “Life in Pieces” actor Angelique Cabral accused Michael L. Ramos, who was allowed to live in McClurg’s home as her companion, of taking advantage of her cousin and an employee from the JFS Care home-health service. McClurg is living with dementia.

The court initially allowed Ramos to remain in McClurg’s residence as it believed “he would provide her with companionship.” However, Cabral, who serves as the conservator of McClurg’s estate, “has been suspicious of Mr. Ramos’ motivations since the outset as she watched him integrate himself into the Conservatee’s life while she was battling dementia,” said the ex parte petition, which was filed Jul. 15.

According to the documents, Ramos “was able to finagle his way” into McClurg’s residence. Cabral accused Ramos of almost taking McClurg out of California to her before the court prevented it. McClurg and Ramos “have never been involved in a romantic relationship,” the petition said.

Cabral also said that a JFS caregiver who tends to McClurg “had made both verbal and written reports that she had been sexually assaulted by Mr. Ramos in the Conservatee’s home on more than one occasion.” The caretaker has since filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department and has video evidence of Ramos’ actions, the filing says

Additionally, the JFS employee told Cabral that she was worried that Ramos “has or may be assaulting the Conservatee and that she may not even know that is happening to her.”

Cabral hired security guards but did not yet instruct them to prevent Ramos from accessing the home at the time the petition was filed. Less than a week after filing the petition, on July 25, Cabral submitted a declaration that requests a “Protected Elder Temporary Restraining Order” against Ramos.

“Mr. Ramos has been and is now currently (on a daily basis) endangering the health, welfare and safety of the Conservatee’s, and for that matter, all of the other care givers who remain in the Conservatee’s home with her,” the document said.

Cabral also requested that the Court set a hearing for Aug. 15 at the earliest.

McClurg is best known for her work as Grace in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Each additional credits include “Frozen,” “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Carrie,” among many others. In February 2019, the actor’s family filed for a conservatorship due to McClurg’s dementia.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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