Elden Ring players can enjoy a Game Boy demake on PC or traditional hardware

Moment Elden Ring Game Boy demake is now available and provides a retro reimagining of the latest FromSoftware title.

As reported by PCGamesN, video game developer Shin created a new version of Elden Ring, transforming the modern marvel into a retro Game Boy experience. The new version of the game features a few retro gaming staples, like pixelated versions of Elden Ring characters, a new catchy 8-bit song, and a yellowish color scheme reminiscent of the once-popular handheld console.

Players can explore iconic locations like Stormviel Castle and Northern Limegrave and encounter notable characters like Iron Fist Alexander and Melina. You’ll even encounter notorious enemies like the Tree Sentinel, which should send a shiver down the spines of almost every player. The game might look less threatening than its modern counterpart, but it maintains the brutal difficulty to guarantee the authentic Elden Ring experience.

The combat system is almost as rewarding as the actual game, forcing players to correctly time their rolls and jumps to avoid death. Their trusty sword can dispatch enemies with ease, although enemies also have multiple weapons capable of taking you out in a few hits.

Elden Ring fans can play the new version in their browser, but it can also be played on traditional hardware. Players with an old Game Boy lying around should consider digging it out of the garage to experience Elden Ring in an entirely new way.

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