‘Devotion’ Trailer Released – OutKick

“Devotion” looks like it’s going to be an incredible movie.

The highly-anticipated movie shines a light on the unbelievable true story of fighter pilots Jesse Brown and Tom Hudner in the Korean War.

The latter earned the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during the war. Without spoiling anything, you can google what he did for further details.

Judging from the trailer, “Devotion” has a high chance of being the latest incredible war movie to hit theaters.

If you’re all interested in more details about the true story of Brown and Hudner, I sincerely suggest you research them.

Their actions during the Korean War were beyond words, especially Hudner’s. Now, a movie will bring their story to the whole country.

Given how a lot of people – especially young people – seem to think America isn’t worth celebrating, there’s probably no better time to release a movie like this.

War is hell, but it also reveals the best in people. The story of Hudner and Brown is proof of that fact. In the face of horrors the average person can’t imagine, both did their jobs to the best of their abilities and fought like absolute heroes.

Furthermore, fans are craving pro-America content. Look at the success of “Top Gun: Maverick” for proof of that fact.

The sequel to the classic 1980s filmed the box office because it celebrated this great country.

Now, “Devotion” will tell a true story of actual heroes up in the sky, and I have a feeling it will also make people damn proud of the red, white and blue. Fans can check it out starting October 14!

PS: My family member was a pilot killed in Korea. It’s great to see we’re finally telling the stories of the heroes who fought in America’s forgotten war.

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