‘Blonde’ Reaction Hints at Artsy Statement With Limited Dialogue — World of Real

A redditor claims to have seen Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde.” I have no recollection of it being test-screened, but maybe I missed the boat on this one:

“Saw it because I worked on the marketing. It’s … eh. Beautifully shot, very long, very artsy. There are some intense sex scenes, but nothing that crazy. It’s well-acted, but very art film–think long, ponderous takes with very few lines of dialogue (poetic to some, eye-rolly to others). [De Armas] was very good in it I thought. My issue was more with the writing and directing. If you like Andrew Dominik’s style (or the JCO book), you’ll probably dig it. It has a stage play feel. If that style isn’t doing it for you (and it didn’t for me), you probably won’t. Would probably predict about a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes.”

As it stands, the film is only supposed to screen at the Venice Film Festival in September. A straight-to-Netflix release is currently planned, no theatrical bow is currently in place. Of course, that could change if the reviews are good at Venice and Oscar buzz accentuates for the lead performance.

The film is said to be 2 hours and 46 minutes.

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